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  • ECDL Online Self Study Course

    ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence Course)

    Need to learn computer and Internet skills to get that job? Move ahead in your career?
    Return to education? Or maybe start that little business you have always dreamt of?

    Whatever your goal in work, education or life, ECDL can help you get there.
    Move forward with the world’s most popular IT user certification.

    • ECDL is the certification most widely recognised and highly valued by Irish employers
    • ECDL equips you with practical computer and Internet skills.
    • ECDL offers you a wide range of subject modules.
    • ECDL offers flexible study options, including online learning.
    Included in price: Access to Notes, our own training videos and Online Learning, Test & sample tests for each module.

    Do this to keep up with all the changes in Microsoft Office. Ideal as a refresher or a back to work or college course.

  • This extremely popular course consists of 7 subjects called Modules.

    Module 1 - Computer Essentials:
    Discover the essential concepts and skills relating to the use of devices, file creation and management, networks, and data security. This Module covers everything from hardware to software to malware .

    Module 2 - Online Collaboration: Discover the concepts and skills relating to the setup and use of online collaborative tools, such as storage, productivity applications, calendars, social media, web meetings, learning environments, and mobile technology.

    Module 3 - Word Processing: Learn how to use word processing software to accomplish everyday tasks. Discover how to create and format letters and short documents, work with different page sizes, control font and other settings, and insert images in a document.

    Module 4 - Excel / Spreadsheets: Discover how to develop, modify and use a spreadsheet for typical data management and analysis tasks. Learn how to use formulas and functions for performing calculations, and create graphs and charts based on spreadsheet data.

    Module 5 - PowerPoint / Presentations: Learn how to create, format, modify and prepare presentations for display and printed distribution. Discover how to create presentation templates, control fonts and background settings, and insert tables, images and charts.

    Module 6 - Access / Databases: Gain the knowledge and skills to create and modify tables, queries, forms and reports. Learn how to relate tables, and how to retrieve and manipulate information from a database by using query and sort tools.

    Module 7 - Online Essentials: Learn about security and safety on the web, and about online communities and communications. This new ECDL Module covers the basics of going online, including web browsing, effective search engine use, online communication and email
  • As part of this course you will receive the following training materials:

    • Online access to Pery Square College training videos & notes
    • ECDL tutorials
    • 7 practice tests - 1 for each module
    • 7 exams - 1 for each module
    • Skills Card & Certificate on successful completion

  • To complete this course successfully you must have good basic computer skills and knowledge of at least Word Processing with saving, formatting text, cut/copy/paste and also good use of Internet & Email.
    If unsure please ring the college and speak to a trainer who can assess your suitability.

    ECDL Online Learning is available for Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 or 2016.

    You MUST have access to a Laptop or PC with a relevant Microsoft Office version (see above) installed in order to complete the online learning and sample practice tests at home.

    Contact college to arrange setup and introduction to your ECDL Learning Software.


    Resits (if you fail a test) and extra sample tests available at extra cost.
  • You will complete an online test for each of the 7 ECDL Modules which must be taken at Pery Square Business College. You will have 45 minutes to complete each online test. Exams held on Friday Afternoons from 2pm - Must book in Advance.

    All Tests are Automated Online Exams, with instant marking notification.

    * subject to pass mark of 75% or more

    Certification: European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) on successful completion of all 7 Modules.

    It is recommended that even if you have an existing ECDL certificate that you update your skills every five years at a minimum.
  • Exam:  You will complete an online test which must be taken at Pery Square Business College.   You will have 50 minutes to complete the ECDL Online test.  Exams held on alternate Friday Afternoons from 2pm - Must book 1 Week in Advance.

    * subject to pass mark of 70% or more

     Exam results are displayed on your screen immediately after you complete an exam. Those who pass will receive (by post) an official certificate within approximately two to three weeks.

    While you can view the Learning Materials on any device, you will need a Microsoft Windows PC and Microsoft Office 2016 in order to complete the practice exams.

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