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    Touch typing is now a skill that everyone can and should learn.
    Most of the tasks that we used to perform with a pen and a pad of paper are now being done on our computers, laptops and Tablets. Everything from sending emails, writing reports, college assignments, even scheduling our workdays is digital.

    If you spend a significant amount of time at a desk, in front of a computer then you probably know that sitting and typing can take a toll on your body. Achy shoulders, stiff neck and sore wrists are some of the side effects of poor posture and bad computer habits. As you learn the proper way to sit and cultivate better habits, your arms and shoulders will relax and your energy levels will stay consistent throughout the day. Touch typing isn’t just about increasing your typing speed and reducing errors, it’s about adopting healthy computer habits to reduce the risk of injury and provide increased comfort.

    It is time to STOP Typing with 2 Fingers & START Typing more efficiently.

  • Initially you will learn in the first 5 lessons which finger hits each of the letters on the keyboard and following this you will commence our typing tutor software for the remaining 15 lessons to progress with your speedbuilding and accuracy to reach a minimum of at least 20 words per minute.

    At the end of the course you will receive your Touch Typing certificate.

    You can also book follow-on Speedbuilding and Audio Typing/Digital Transcription courses if you wish to progress. Both of these are priced at €10 per hour.
  • Touch typing is now a skill that everyone can and should learn.

    Anyone who uses a Computer or Laptop for tasks throughout the day or if you are hoping to make a career in administration or enter college.
  • Applicants must have Basic computer skills

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European Computer Driving Licence, ECDL
Irish Computer Society
Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI)