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  • MOS Word Expert Package

    Word Expert 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist Learning Package
    Creating Documents for Effective Communication Exam 77-726

    Expert-level candidates for the Microsoft Word 2016 exam proficiently use the advanced features of Word 2016 for document and content management and advanced formatting. 

    Candidates will create and manage professional documents of four pages or more for a variety of specialised purposes and situations.

    They will customise their Word environments to meet project needs and to enhance productivity.

    Examples of expert-level documents include a business plan, a research paper, a book, a specialised brochure and a mass mailing.

    Candidate roles may include editors, project managers, business information workers, educators and others.

  • Word Expert 2016  Microsoft Office Specialist

    Manage Documents & Templates
    • Modify existing templates
    • Copy custom styles, macros, and building blocks to other documents or templates
    • Manage document versions
    • Compare and combine multiple documents
    • Link to external document content
    • Enable macros in a document
    • Display hidden ribbon tabs
    • Change the application default font

    Perform Advanced Editing & Formatting
    • Find and replace text by using wildcards and special characters
    • Find and replace formatting and styles
    • Set advanced page setup layout options
    • Link text boxes
    • Set paragraph pagination options
    • Resolve style conflicts by using Paste Options

    Create & Manage Indexes
    • Mark index entries
    • Create indexes
    • Update indexes

    Create & Manage References

    • Customize a table of contents
    • Insert and modify captions
    • Create and modify a table of figures

    Create & Modify Building Blocks, Macros & Controls
    • Create QuickParts
    • Manage building blocks
    • Create and modify simple macros
    • Insert and configure content controls
    Prepare Documents for Review
    • Restrict editing
    • Mark a document as final
    • Protect a document with a password

    Manage Document Changes

    • Track changes
    • Manage tracked changes
    • Lock or unlock tracking
    • Add comments
    • Manage comments

    Create Styles
    • Create paragraph and character styles
    • Modify existing styles

    Manage Forms, Fields & Mail Merge Operations

    • Add custom fields
    • Modify field properties
    • Perform mail merges
    • Manage recipient lists
    • Insert merged fields
    • Preview merge results

    Create Custom Style Sets & Templates
    • Create custom color sets
    • Create custom font sets
    • Create custom themes
    • Create custom style sets

    Prepare a Document for Internationalisation & Accessibility
    • Configure language options in documents
    • Add alt-text to document elements
    • Manage multiple options for +Body and +Heading fonts
    • Utilize global content standards
  • Exam:  You will complete an online test which must be taken at Pery Square Business College.   You will have 50 minutes to complete the MOS Online test.  Exams held on alternate Friday Afternoons from 2pm - Must book 1 Week in Advance.

    * subject to pass mark of 70% or more

     Exam results are displayed on your screen immediately after you complete an exam. Those who pass will receive (by post) an official certificate within approximately two to three weeks.

    While you can view the Learning Materials on any device, you will need a Microsoft Windows PC and Microsoft Office 2016 in order to complete the practice exams.

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